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The Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve

February 03, 2022

Most people have heard about the Federal Reserve, but we've found that few understand the many roles it plays in the overall economy over the years.

The Fed makes headlines every few weeks by updating investors on what’s going on with interest rates. Most recently, the Fed said it’s prepared to raise interest rates to help manage our economy. 

But some parts of the Fed’s job can be a bit of a head-scratcher. For example, did you know the Fed also is responsible for overall employment?

The Fed’s Board of Governors has eight regularly scheduled meetings a year (others, as needed), and when the two-day event ends, the Fed Chair updates the country on the economy. In the weeks that follow, Fed governors often schedule speeches to help clarify the Fed’s position on interest rates, inflation, and employment.

So if the Fed creates a headline that you don’t understand, please give us a call. We pride ourselves on helping to educate our clients and are available to discuss any financial subjects that you may have questions about.