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Appointment Preparation

Thank you in advance for making your appointment a priority. Monitoring your financial life regularly is a fundamental part of our service. So we can best prepare for your arrival, please review the information below. If this is your annual review, complete and return our Annual Review Questionnaire.

Remember that we prefer that married couples attend their appointments together as much as possible. We can arrange for your meeting to be in person, virtual conference (via Microsoft Teams) or by phone. 

Here are some items we may want to review together:

  • Your most recent federal tax return
  • Outside account statements
  • Social security statements
  • Pension benefit statements

If you intend on making any contributions to your accounts please consider bringing along your checkbook.

Please note that you can upload any of the information above into your eMoney vault. If you have not been given access to this program, call us today to get started!

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